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How to tell the difference between earache and toothache

Experiencing a toothache or an earache can be irritating and painful, but not knowing how to identify whether you are experiencing a toothache or an earache can be even more irritating and painful.

For a lot of people, earache and toothache might come with similar symptoms and it might be difficult to tell them apart. While toothache can be caused by infections, cavities, gum disease or trauma to tooth, earaches are often caused by fluid in the eardrum, ear infection, injury or cold and flu.

Symptoms of Toothache

Symptoms of a toothache can include pain inside or around the tooth, an aching sensation after you’ve eaten or consumed a hot/cold beverage, bad breath (halitosis), fever, swollen glands, and earache.

Symptoms of Earache

Symptoms of an earache can include pain in or around the ear, fever, loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping, sinus problems, hearing difficulty, and trouble balancing.

As you can see, there's some overlap in the symptoms of earaches and toothaches. Your sinuses are in close proximity to your back top teeth. Therefore, any sinus pressure or pain can affect the roots of these teeth which gives the illusion that your tooth is aching.

If you are having a cold and flu, it is likely that you might have a sinus infection. Having a headache along with pain is most commonly associated with an earache than a toothache. Seek proper medical advice if you are experiencing any of the symptoms.